Tuesday, 21 September 2010


So - as I'm back in uni, working almost full-time on my film, I thought I should probably add another post on here!

The wonderful multi-tasker Sarah Dargie is officially onboard with the project :) She's mainly working on backgrounds just now, and giving me some much needed perspective on what I've done so far - as well as sticking useful postits around the place to keep us all sane.

In short, I've got the almost final storyboards done (and have gotten the Wayne stamp of approval). The actual story, camera angles and movements are all planned, and are all ready for layouts! I'm excited. I'm hoping that some more vocals can be recorded soon, courtesy of Mark Haldane - and this means we could start getting some exact timings down on xsheets, and that's the beginning of keyframing.

Exciting stuff, huh? I'm attaching the schedule, which so far only goes up till the christmas break, but I'm hoping to get the majority of the actual animation done by then, so we should be set to go for 2011! Ambitious? Me? Nope. Mostly just a little crazy.

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