Saturday, 12 February 2011

CAUTION - Animation in Progress!

So, it's been a while since I've updated here, and as there's a production meeting on Monday - I thought I should show how much has been worked on since our dramatic storyboard changes.

First and foremost - Sarah has been slaving away at our most favourite smoke monster, and he's now into the realm of animated life! She's got some playblasts of the action on her blog Over and Out, so go have a look and you'll see how the 3D character is going to move/look like in comparison to the 2D elements.

Massive progress there, and Jamie Bell from 3rd year has very kindly agreed to do some 3D animation of Bob.

As well as all the 3D business, there's been alot of 2D going on too - Scene 3 is inbetweened, Scene 4 needs clean up, Scene 5 (was Scene 6) is ready for scanning, and so is Scene 7. Scene 8 needs inbetweening, Scene 9 is to be scanned, Scene 11 needs some tweaking and inbetweens, and so does Scene 12.

That's a good chunk of animation going on, and very soon we'll be passing on work to those who've offered to help us, so hopefully things will go even faster.

Speaking of going faster - I've found that all the lipsync I've been doing has been worth the stress, as I can now animate roughly 10 syllables in 10 minutes!

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