Thursday, 18 March 2010

A Brief* Introduction...

Our brief for this project is to create a Production Bible for a 3 minute animation (with audio) of our own making, a full animatic of said animation, including (up to) 15 seconds of keyframes and inbetweens. We can work in groups, or alone, or a mix of both.

The Production Bible ( aka PB) needs to have, essentially, the paperwork of the making of the animation. A script, research, references, concept art, storyboards, final designs, layout and a Programme of Study document - all of it. It's a collection of your work that can given to someone else, and they can understand your project, and hopefully(!), the way you work.

The animatic is simple in comparison; it's a video made up from the storyboards (with additional instructions, maybe) with the right timing that you want for the full animation. For example - if two people were talking for 10 seconds in the animation, the animatic could have a single drawing of the two people talking, held for 10 seconds.

The animation sounds simple, but it's not! Up to 15 seconds of animation means up to 375 individual frames (all individually drawn!), as well as the possibility of animating different object on different layers, which means the number of frames could increase massively!

Saying that, this all sounds rather serious and 100% soul destroying.

It's not! It may be hard work, but I love animation, and this is the first time I, as an individual, get to make my animation, from my story. It's...exciting.

*(Oho! The hilarity of puns!)

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