Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Recommended Viewing No. 02

The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9! – Jake Armstrong (2009)

This is a thesis film, that was animated entirely in *gasp* Flash! Having seen all the crashing and swearing and tears that Flash has produced in my classmates, it marvels me that such an animation as this could've come forth from that hideous program.

I feel I must state - I do not like slapstick. Looney Toons, Tex Avery-esque animation and Animaniacs have never appealed to me.

However, despite this, the slapstick in this animation is so neatly woven into the story that it doesn't run cross-wise over my nerves, and in fact, makes me like it more! This is an example of excellent suspense and story-telling in the most classic tradition of twists and turns.

The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9! on Youtube

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